Queen Regent Elanor I Sirius “the Gentle”

Elanor “the Gentle” was born on the 3rd of September 1174 in Alparis, to King and Queen Philip II and Rosemund Rodomir. Young Princess Elanor was reportedly very kind to the men, women, and children of the royal court, unlike her brother, King Charles. She attended the University of Rosewood and was the first woman of the Sirius dynasty to do so. She became a Master of Theology, and the first woman to do so within the University. She began another course, but became pregnant and was unable to become a Master of Astronomy. She had devoted her life to the pursuit of knowledge, but she was widely regarded as a free spirit. Curious by nature and kind to others, she was quick to make friends and allies. She repealed many of the laws targeting women within Rosewood, set up by her father King Philip II. Afterward, Rosewood became a hub of freedom for everyone and anyone, which further boosted its already growing reputation as a trade center and as a city with a growing population. Her defining act while in power, was the abolition of the Imperial Army system after the death of her brother. During her reign, 32 high ranking Officers within the Imperial Army were hanged for regicide. Queen Elanor matrilineally married Lord Jacques Alsace-Armington and had one child with him, Prince Torrino. Queen Elanor ruled as regent for Prince Torrino III until 1220 when she abdicated in his favor.

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