“It’s going to change everything, it’s going to be revolutionary in so many ways, from how we interact with other players, how we experience the environment and use NPCs, it’s going to take this world we already consider to be living and breathing and make it fully realized, and right now in ways I can’t even completely imagine.”

-Athelwulf, a friend, sr. mod and longtime member of MD.

VEA (previously known as Project: V.E.A.), meaning Journey in Latin, is the name of the upcoming major set of updates for Medieval Discord.

Medieval Discord is currently set in in 1112 but when the first VEA update comes out, a timeskip will happen for the last time to 1223 where roleplay will continue.

VEA will overhaul the following features in MD:

  • Economy
  • Combat
  • Locations
  • Character-creation system
  • Inventory
  • Leveling
  • Roles
  • Traveling
  • Channels

All these features are already present in MD but they’re going to be remade and redesigned in such a way that Medieval Discord will resemble more of a game than a Discord server.

VEA has been in development since March 2020 and the first update is coming out in the year 2023.

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