Our unique features that set us apart from other RP servers


Feels like playing a game even though you're just typing in a Discord server.

Friendly Community

Our rules are strict, precise and enforced which ends up filtering out the "bad apples". Almost everyone is incredibly welcoming and friendly.


Almost 100k words of custom medieval, realistic, alternate history lore.

A rare server where quality is favored over quantity. One of my favorite RP spaces with awesome lore, a family-like friendly community, stable structure, and frequent events. Very organized. Much love and hard work poured into this awesome place and its unique bot Chaos Bot which makes the overall roleplay overall more intriguing.

The people are also wonderful, willing to help and guide you. Made tons of friends in this place, which I wouldn’t give up for anything.

10/10 would recommend.

A review of Medieval Discord found on disboard.org

Medieval Europe is waiting...

Latest Lore Posts

Cannon historical texts and folk stories within Medieval Discord

The Way of Love

All the practices of medieval love, romance, marriage, and divorce practiced by commoner and noble alike.

On the Topic of Slaves

The current state of the institution of slavery across Medieval Europe. Who trades in slaves, who captures them, who are doomed to become slaves, and more.