Emperor Torrino I Sirius “the Founder”

Torrino “the Founder” was born on the 13th of December 1057 in the outskirts of Rome. His mother, Antwanette Sirius, and his father unknown, most likely died right before his birth. He spent his early years serving by Pope Alexander’s side, while he was still Cardinal. As a diplomatic emissary, he picked up important skills which left him with a shrewd demeanor and a keen mind for speechcraft. By a wild turn of events, the boy was found to be the descendant of the Carolingian dynasty, a forgotten cadet branch, but the only surviving one. In 1075, he was crowned as Emperor of the Sirius Empire, on his 18th birthday. He reigned from 1075 until 1116. The Empire saw 41 years of virtuous reign and prosperity. Rosewood was made the Imperial Capital, and the Imperial Army was founded with Lord Marshal Sullivan at its head. The first Emperor was characterized by his endless mercy and wisdom. His name has become synonymous with success and good rule. While young, he showed an aptitude for statecraft and the arts. During his reign, the first University was founded in Rosewood, as well as the first Cathedral. Torrino “the Founder’s” reign was one of economical growth and political stability. His ability to appease the Empire’s strong neighbors, while also slowly integrating its smaller ones, is what propelled the Sirius Empire into becoming the most prosperous region in all of Europe. He was married to the sister of the Queen of Sicily, Princess Maria de Hauteville. With her, he sired two children, Prince Philip Sirius, and Princess Celine Sirius. His death in the year 1116 sent shockwaves, not just throughout the Empire, but throughout the entire region. A lot of pressure rested on his son’s shoulders. Could he live up to the prestige of his father? It is safe to say, that no other Sirius ruler possessed the same gravitas as Torrino I Sirius. May he rest in peace.

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