Medieval Discord is a Discord role-playing server set in an alternate history Medieval Europe. Our goal is to turn a Discord server into a text-based RPG where each text channel represents a location in our kingdom in Europe.

The server was officially created on the 27th of May 2017. However, work on MD officially began on the 3rd of September 2017 which is the server’s official anniversary date.

The creators of the server (also know as “The Creators”) are:

  • Torrino#9527,
  • DudeDoesEverything#9938 and
  • Fuzzzball#5604

The labor was divided so that Torrino could focus on the technical aspects like the bots and coding along with gameplay features, while Fuzzzball(Reginald) handled the visual art and DudeDoesEverything(Alexander) focused on the world-building.

Medieval Discord has a realistic base, which means no fantasy elements are present on the server. This does not mean that anyone’s stay on MD would be less entertaining, on the contrary, the grueling realism and high stakes make it a memorable experience for anyone who enjoys role-playing on Discord.

Opting for realism instead of fantasy happened for two reasons:
1. It’s significantly harder to moderate fantasy-based RP. At the time we were new to how Discord RP servers worked, and while we could, in theory, manage one now, we have no intention of switching from realism to fantasy.
2. There was an obvious lack of realistic medieval RP, so we took the initiative and filled the gap. Now, MD strives to become the best medieval role-playing server on Discord.

For more information, head over to our FAQ page.

We’re not officially partnered with Discord.Inc or a subsidiary in any way. We’re just huge fans of their application and Medieval Discord is simply a Discord server.

-The creators of Medieval Discord