King Philip II Sirius “the Just”

Philip “the Just” was born on the 4th of July 1133 in Rosewood, to Emperor and Empress Charles I and Georgina Dover. Philip II’s childhood was one spent in reading books and scrolls about administration as well as the history of his people, he was the first of the Sirius dynasty to be born during the Fifty Years’ War, and he would see its end. While in Rosewood, he studied in the University and became a Master of Law, just before his uncle, Emperor Torrino II passed away. He was bred to be the next Emperor, but his father’s death and loss still proved surprising. While on the run during the Fall of Rosewood in 1168, he lead his family to Alparis where they were housed until the end of the hostilities in 1174, and until the end of the war in 1180. King Philip “the Just” is remembered as the kind King who knelt in order to save his country and family. He did what the previous three Emperors could not. He swallowed his familial pride and ended the war, forever giving up the title of Emperor in exchange for peace with the Holy Roman Empire. King Philip II also severely limited the Imperial Army in order to stop its deterioration. He also began the period of Restoration where Rosewood and her surroundings were rebuilt and refortified. It was then that Rosewood received its second walls. King Philip rewrote the laws of the Empire and incorporated it into the new Kingdom of France. The King married one of his vassal’s daughters, Lady Rosemund Rodomir, and sired two children with her. Prince Charles and Princess Elanor. There are no records about who his siblings married. However, it is well known that Prince Louis’ seed is responsible for the many cadet branches of the Sirius dynasty which now rule across France. King Philip died of old age in 1182, the first of his family to do so since Torrino “the Founder.” He helped form the Kingdom of France and bring peace to his people. May God keep him. Rest in peace St. Philip.

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