The world, as of 1220, is comprised of 113 different realms all vying for power over the European continent. Much has changed in the past century, but some things have also remained the same.

The World as known by Medieval Europeans can be divided into ten regions: Frankia (Modern-day France), Germania (Modern-day Central Europe), Hispania (Modern-day Iberia), Maghreb (Modern-day Coastal Northern Africa), Italia (Modern-day Italy), Britannia (Modern-day Great Britain and Ireland), Scandinavia (Modern-day Norther Sea Europe), Ruslands (Modern-day Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Baltic), Balkans (Modern-day Balkans), and the Near East (Modern-day Judea, Iran, and Arabia).


  1. Landing Page
  2. Frankia
  3. Germania
  4. Hispania
  5. Maghreb
  6. Italia
  7. Britannia
  8. Scandinavia
  9. Ruslands
  10. Balkans
  11. Near East
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