In 1220 history repeated itself again as it usually does. As has been tradition since the 11th century, another Sirius was crowned the sovereign over Frankia, or in this case, the Kingdom of France.

Queen Elanor “the Gentle”, the first Queen of the Sirius Dynasty, is also the first Sirius Monarch to willingly abdicate in favor of her successor and son, Prince Torrino III. As she inherited power without seeking it, she proved to be a fair and just ruler, though somewhat limited in her capability due to her sex. Despite the fact that Rosewood was said to be the center of worldly progress, the rest of the Kingdom did not share this viewpoint.

Her abdication came as a surprise to the people of Rosewood, but not to the nobility of the Kingdom who had called for her son to inherit since he had turned 16 years old. In her stubborn nature, the Queen would not subject her son to the cruelty of the court until he had been properly prepared. He had spent six years in the University of Rosewood from 1213 to 1219, enrolling early, but still claiming the title of Master of Arithmetic. Alongside that knowledge, the young prince had also been taught the other disciplines of the University and was ready to rule. However, he insisted he spend a year traveling the country, meeting his mother’s vassals and his own future ones, sometimes going undercover to infiltrate peasant gatherings in small towns and villages that would never know that the descendant of an Emperor had mingled with them. The Royal Paladin, Sir Sebastian Emril, was the young Prince’s only company, and his guard. Since they traveled incognito, they had no need for a large entourage. By the time they returned to the Capital, Queen Elanor had already announced her abdication a month prior.

On the 25th of December 1220, the Bells of St. Leena’s rang across the City, and the criers announced to the people that a new King was to be crowned. Thousands gathered in the streets as, the Royal Guard escorted the Queen, her consort, their son, and close members of the court, from Fernyard Fortress to the Cathedral. A day prior, the Parliament had convened to announce their support for the coronation, so all of the Lords of the Land would also be present.

On the day of Christmas, the young Prince and his mother arrived in the Cathedral and were greeted by the Archbishop of Rosewood, Tobias I. As the Queen knelt before the altar, the Archbishop relieved her of her earthy privilege and burden to rule, passing it onto her son. She rose, while Torrino remained kneeling. Tobias I, said his prayers, the same which his predecessor, Baudouin II, spoke during Queen Elanor’s coronation. Upon finishing, he gave Prince Torrino III the Royal Scepter, Sir Sebastian presented him with the Sword of Kings, and finally, Queen Elanor transferred the Crown from her head onto his.

Rise, Sir Torrino, of the Royal House Sirius, third of his name, firstborn son of Elanor and Jacques, the Young Prince, Blood of Charlemagne, Protector of Rosewood, Lord of Frankia and the Franks, King of France, Inheritor and Successor to the Oriflamme! All hail the new King! Long may he live, long may he reign! All hail!

Archbishop Tobias I of Rosewood, December 25th of 1220

Once the crowd present in the Cathedral knelt before the King, he delivered a speech:

Rise, my subjects! We’ve known our destiny for some time now, but to address you all today, we will drop the royal plural.

I am crowned King, entrusted by God, with the right to rule over France and her people. Much time I’ve spent studying our past. War has brought death and pestilence our way, but let it not define our future. I know that I am young, but I have had the pleasure of being taught by the wisest of the Kingdom. I hold the Crown, Scepter, and Sword, but I know these do not make a King. My blood and the knowledge of those who came before me are what give me the strength to grow France and defend her against her enemies.

My Mother and Father stand by my side, my hand-picked advisors shall aid me in any and every endeavor, our Lord God shall give me guidance. Rosewood is the Saphire of the Kingdom, its wealth is immense, both material and cultural. As such, the City will never fall again. While a Sirius sits on the throne, France is safe, France is powerful, France is eternal.

Citizens and Nobles alike, hear my plea! Give glory to God, and pray for my Family. These will be trying times. However, if I know anything, I know the resilience of my forefathers. I know the fortitude of the Lords of France, and how they came to France’s aid when she beckoned. I also know the hearts of those who grow our wheat. Their love for country and King cannot be underestimated. And I know the people of Rosewood, the best among us. Those who shape history with their hands and advance us one age at a time.

Let it then be known! A new age has begun! An Age of Peace and Progress for the Kingdom! Long live France! Long live Rosewood!

King Torrino III Sirius, December 25th 1220, during his coronation

After the King delivered his address, the audience burst out into cheer and revelry. The Royal Family was escorted back to the Fortress, and along the way, the new King was showered with flowers and wine. For three days, a feast was held, games organized, and a tournament given to the people. A light snow fell and marked the turn of the year, 1221 was to be the first year of Torrino III’s rule. Long may he reign!

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