In a time not too long ago, lived a man, a troubled man. His name was long lost to history, we only know him as the Jester, the greatest swindler this side of the Rhein River.

He was born in the city of Belcury, not too far from Rosewood, to a mother which died during childbirth and a father who’d blame him for that. At the ripe age of 12, he killed his father and burned the family home. Through his mischief and foul deeds, he became a thief and a master at that. He would dress like a common beggar while stealing the rich’s treasure. It was said that he had more buckles than the entire city, and he hid it away somewhere only he could find. Before he could leave West Egirth, he knew one thing, he had to rob the King. So in his merry manner, he walked and he skipped right to the King’s throne and asked him to become a jester of some kind. He was enough of a fool to be taken in. And just like that, the Jester got into Fernyard Keep and set his plan into motion. 10 days and 10 nights he slowly duped the King for his coin, on the 11th day he was no more, and with him 200.000 buckles. The King’s men searched all they could, but in vain, little did they know he hid in the sewer drain. Alas before he could make his escape, he vanished, gone, poof from this world. Legends say he still lives in those sewers, looking for a way out. Some say he got the pointy end of a knife, others say he never existed. One thing is sure, 200.000 buckles don’t just disappear overnight…

Categories: History

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