by Father Gustav of Obe

In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. We live on the verge of the end times I fear for the pagan priests and priestesses call congregations to redo the very fabric of their heathen beliefs. The Northmen attacked English shores in the times of yore, and so they brought the glory of Christ to their homeland. Like the Trojan horse in the Greek stories. Their beliefs seemed to face eradication, but alas their pagan gods proved stronger than anticipated. Never before had Christ’s mettle been tested to such an extent, never before had God’s Kingdom been endangered like this. Church bells ring across the North, that is true, but at night their chants grow ever louder and with each passing day more and more sacrifices are made in Odin’s name.

         The Pagans waged war against us, and they succeeded. I fear the Lord is testing us and that we might fail. Our resolve must not fall. The Pagans have called many a blot to organize themselves. Instead of curing the sickness, Christ’s glory only seems to have empowered it with modern ideas. Now they choose a God-King among themselves, a Fylkirate. A descendant of Odin, brother to Thor and King of all the North. Many can now leave hiding and join the pagans in open war. They seem to thrive in conflict, they are Godless animals and I am ashamed to share the same blood.

         But there is no anger in my mind, I only wish to help my brothers and sisters see the light. If they refuse hellfire awaits them. Their heaven is nothing compared to Eden. Their gods share no ounce of the Lord’s compassion and mercy. They have been made cold and unfeeling. But by God’s will, we shall see the North returned to Christendom. Great Lord, thy will be done! Amen. Amen. Amen!

Categories: History

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