Lord Francis, first of his name, of the noble house Winters, Mayor of the City of Rosewood, enacted the Nighbor Act right before October. The Act decrees that men and women who are willing to venture to Rosewood and settle in the Purlieus will be granted a regular allowance meant to aid their integration, to establish firm roots in the City of Rosewood, thus growing its population. Lord Mayor Francis has always been something of an urban planner, totally devoted to the idea of a colossal settlement, one to rival Rome and Constantinople.

The Neighbor Act is not only meant to attract potential settlers from the countryside. It also allows for more vertical mobility to merited individuals, thus further enticing prospective settlers. It is punishable by law to refuse someone a position based on their birth status; whether they are lowborn or highborn. Some protections are also allotted to converts, Muslims, Jews, and the Orthodox. However, if the person making the decision can justify their claim before a legal court, then they will face no consequences.

Since Spring of 1222, hundreds of settlers have arrived at Rosewood and have been granted allowance by the City. This phenomenon will of course require taxes to be raised to fund the expansion, as well as stretch the City Watch further each time a new home is added. However, the Mayor is a vehement supporter of urban expansion and claims that it will pay off in the long run with Rosewood’s many guilds and industries growing to accommodate the new demand.

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