And He said unto me: “When the Cross has broken into two parts, and when brothers battle, when Christians burn Churches down, my wrath will be immense and it will fall like rain to the ground.”

“Sin is the making of man. Your first death and your last shall be of sin. I did not make you so, in order to fail. Through the trials before you and the overcoming of these tribulations, you embrace my love and Heaven’s good gift. Amen.”

Genesius walked the roads as instructed by His wisdom, little did he know the trial ahead. A robber by the name of Randal, made it so that Genesius lost the wealth on his person. When he went to catch the robber, the good Lord made his legs fail and in that moment of weakness, he fell to his knees. He asked the Lord:
“Oh, Father who art in Heaven, why have you afflicted me with such a fate? Gold which has been earned by me, taken from me. Most heinous.”

The Lord responded:
“You will know the nature of Greed if you are to overcome it. What is Greed to him, is Wrath to you. Do not give in to temptation and raise your hand or voice. Wait for three days and your pain shall be aught.”

The young man listened and waited for three days. Whilst waiting for a sign, Genesius went through the marketplace, looking for a way to make coin. Before him appeared Randal, with his right hand missing. He fell before him and clutched to his robes.
“Forgive me, brother. I knew not the foulness in my deeds. I regret every breath I took as a thief. Forgive me, please.”

It was then that in Genesius’ ear the Lord spoke.
“Forgive this man, and I will give him his hand back.”

He was forgiven, with his hand appearing before him, and tomorrow came again at the same place.
“Forgive me, brother. I knew not the foulness in my deeds. I regret every breath I took as a thief. Forgive me again, please.”

Genesius forgave him again and the man’s hand appeared.
The next day he returns once more.
“Forgive me, brother. I swear by the Lord’s name that I shall not steal ever again. May He grant me His forgiveness?”

The man’s hand reappeared, but this time as stone. He tried to speak, but his tongue was made of silver and his teeth of gold.
“The Lord is merciful. But even His grace is limited. Thrice did you have a chance to repent and you chose not to. Thrice did you lie to me, and the third time you took the Lord’s name in vain. Now you shall walk the land until your belly begins to devour itself. Your hands will never steal again and your silver tongue shall never again utter a single word.”

He came to the city, with eyes making his acquaintance. He stood before the people and spoke to them. He spoke of sin and of purity. Two opposites, that come from the same place. They took him for a madman. But God made their thoughts doubt. And their minds doubted the madness, which is God’s plan.

“And grief is not a sin, it shows us our bond with the Lord. With His name in mind, our deeds cannot be rotten, and our intentions can only be pure. The sting of sin will come and go, but our Savior’s love is eternal.”

“It is said that peace is where the Kingdom of God is. When the heretic and heathen threat shows its face, we must abandon the idea of peace. We take up arms and wave the banner of the Lord, crossing the fields littered with foreign blood. We are the wrath of God. Through us, the cleansing fire of heavenly justice shines on the non-believers. We will prevail, for God wills it. Amen.”

“All that stands before us will break. God wills it. All that oppose us will become us. God wills it. Wield swords, axes, words, fists, quills it matters not. We fight for Europe’s soul. We will prevail, for God surely wills it. Deus Vult. Amen.”

“Brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. When our Lord made this land, He took seven days. He gave seven sins. And seven martyrs were returned to him during the siege of Malta. I ask you now, is it a coincidence that there are seven mortal sins, meant to drive humanity to its doom? Our Lord is wise and kind. I was sent to this world to care for you, to give you the future you deserve.”

He stopped to a knot in his throat. When he spoke again, it was as if devastating winds escaped his lungs.
“And the gates shall open, with seven angles carrying seven hundred flowers for the seven hundred messiahs that will lead Christendom into a new age. Let me be the first, let Rosewood’s flock soar to the gates of heaven. I ask you all to pray with me.”

“Lord guide my body and mind. Make me the vessel to lead man across this plague. I will be the quill that bears witness, I will be the sword that smites, I will be the helping hand. Bestow upon us all the virtues that you created and the faith to triumph all evil of this earth. Amen.”

And he told the young boy, who wished to see the gates of Heaven:
“We, the second Genesis, adhere to the teachings of Christ and Genesius. We take the blade and separate the skin, through which crimson blood flows, the same blood as Christ. With our sins exposed, there is no more fear, no more doubt, no more evil. We thank the Lord for our blood, for the virtues He has given us and the mercy He has granted us. Amen.”

“We pray to the Lord for guidance. Against all that practice heretic and heathen faiths. The Bible tells us to wear the armor of God so that we can stand against the Devil. And trust me, he is here in Rosewood. Can you call yourselves Christian if you do nothing?
God tells us that we are to pursue our enemies and that swords will then be the ground onto which they fall. We will chase and destroy all of our enemies and be victorious. Whoever speaks another God’s name shall be put to the sword. Shall be stoned. Shall burn in eternal hellfire and that shall be their second death. God wills that we prevail my friends.”

“Those who stand against me I shall destroy, those who stand beside me I shall endorse, those who stand behind me I shall shield, those who stand above me I shall follow. Amen.”

“In you do I place my faith, your Kingdom I desire entrance to, and your will do I inherit. In seven days did all come to existence, in seven it shall end. Seven sins we have inherited and seven we shall cleanse. I offer to the people a way to fulfill the seven virtues, and in your good name, I shall give it to them Lord God. Amen”

He came under pressure by the Lords of the city he tried to purify. They called him mad and claimed him to be responsible for murder, to which he said:
“I have yet to take one life, and I will not unless God commands me to. I only show the people what is hidden from them. What they do after is just part of God’s plan.”

“Chastity is its(lust) counterpart. In the place of raw heat, we find a steady flame. Is it not correct that a robber with no hands cannot steal? We can say something similar to Lust. We must use the furthest absolute of chastity. A vow so permanent, that it could never be rewritten.”

“Fellow Christians. We know the number seven is hallowed in many ways. But I shall show it to you, a final time. The seven sins are in constant war with the seven virtues. Today we begin with the Cleansing. In order for us to start the Second Genesis, we must be as Christ was, pure of heart. And only the seven virtues can help us overcome our innate flaws.”

The people wept at the sign of the Lord in work. They blessed this day, for it was the day He came and proved a way to eternity.

He spoke to the Lord, sensing a danger approaching.
“Lord God, if you take me in the coming days, know that I have done my best. Let not my fate be sealed by a failure of conduct. Let my words not turn to wind and my ideals into nothing. May we all live to see the second Genesis. Amen.”

To which the Lord said:
“Your fate is not yet written and through you, My will shall be carried out. Until you have fulfilled your duties. No sword shall slay you, no bolt shall pierce you and no dagger shall take you.”

“It is said that Jesus fasted for 40 days. We are not even a speck compared to him. We only require 7 days. We will abstain from all food and alcohol. Only clean water can be consumed. Continue your lives and we shall reconvene in seven days. Pray for our fallen and for yourselves. God is ever-loving and will shield us from all that is foul and those who speak against His truth. Amen.”

He called them now to prayer.
“And it was thy name, Lord that made me feel again. It was thy warmth that thawed this frozen heart. And in your strangest of ways, You take what I hold most dear. You give and You take. And I accept the truth. Your truth. Whatever You ask, will be done. Whatever You desire, will be given. Grant the weary souls their paradise, bestow unto them the Garden and the fruit of peace. We await our own fate, while theirs has arrived. Amen.”

And when the madwoman called him a coward for refusing to strike her, he spoke back in strength rather than weakness:
“I will not raise my hands. Justice is the Lord’s work.”

“It is the second day, and the pain of emptiness is starting to take hold. Your flesh, blood, and bones come closer to God as they are released from all earthly sustenance.”

“We will soon take the form of God’s wrath and shall rain upon the heathen and the heretic. He has given us free reign to carry out His will. Make no mistake, they plan our demise and our Lord shall shield us from it. His Kingdom is eternal, while their paradise exists only in their minds.”

“The Archangel Michael shall sound the horn of war when the time is right. Until then, no blood is to be spilled, no hand is to be raised and no one is to be slain by good Christian citizens. I have spoken and so has the Lord.”

And so God forbade it. No man could raise his hands and no sword could be unsheathed until His will was made clear.

“Blessed be the blood of Christ. Blessed be the fate that You have given me Lord. In You, I always find an exit. In your mercy, I will prevail. Keep me safe. Keep all of Christendom safe. Amen.”

“Gold is a human construct. In God’s Kingdom, it will do you no good. The poorest beggar will be set into the cold ground, just like the noblest monarch. Our virtues will determine our prosperity in the second life.
This is something the heathen do not understand. Their way of entering paradise is through the spilling of innocent Christian blood. We will put a stop to this once and for all, and fulfill the destiny God had given us back in Jerusalem.”

And he spoke to the heathen:
“Forgive them father, for they know not what they are doing. In their blissful ignorance, they bring war and death. Jesus taught us to love and spread peace. But when the enemy brings fire to our gates I bring not peace, but a sword.”

“They shall send unto us, legions of Godless souls. While we shall send Seven of God’s men. In only seven hours shall the war be over. The rivers shall flow red for one day and the crows will feast until their bones feed the hallowed ground beneath them.”

“In His name do I pray. To Him, I offer my all and my everything. A day will come when all we know is fields of golden wheat and when the rivers shall flow with red wine. Every man shall be named after God and we will not sleep, in order to not miss the shining day. When that day comes the Cross shall tower over every roof and hang over every neck. Then we shall name our children Adam and Christ.”

He paused to weep.
“Until then our men shall sharpen their blades while the women bear sons. Our blades shall go dull from the bone and flesh. Our hymns shall be heard for miles and the Cross shall cast a shadow from London to Constantinople. The ground will shake at God’s command and the skies shall weep to see so many of God’s own flock going to defend His name. Be it the sands of the east, the seas of the south, the forts of the west, or the mountains of the north, we shall prevail and bring glory to Christ. Amen.”

The Soldier Jace, made him show his army. He asked:
“And where is this army that you are so proud of? Are they peasants with pitchforks or soldiers with spears?”

Genesius smiled and said:
“No. I have no army behind me. I needn’t one. All I need is here.”

He said as he pointed to the skies, to the Lord.

“If there was no evil, we couldn’t appreciate good. The Lord knows this all too well. That is why he tests us. People will try to extinguish the Lord’s flame, but they will be burnt in the process.”

“Man is prone to greed. His body yearns for the touch of gold and power. In his quest for both, he will neglect his duty to the Lord. Now I ask of you. Bring your riches forth and give them to those who have been tested by God. Lend to your neighbor, beggar, lover, brother, merchant, and all. Today, you will abandon all that is gold and silver. And receive God’s mercy in return. For those who master Charity, will surely be rewarded.”

And as he spoke, the cobble streets turned to gold and silver. Beggars could wash themselves finally in the purity of gold that even Kings could not afford. From the skies, a thousand golden coins fell and all of them, the gift of Charity.

“In His absence, we sin. Through Him, we find shelter from the Dark Lord. In His name do we pray and to Him, we show praise. The seven Virtues we draw from Him and His Kingdom shall reign eternal. Amen.”

“The quill is mightier than the sword. Help thy neighbor, help thy brother, help, and work for the Lord and his flock. We will see a new age soon. An age without strife or plagues. No more wars or hate. One God to rule both heaven and earth and a new age that will come with the Second Genesis.”

He looked them in the eyes and spoke:
“Do unto them as they do unto you. To one army respond with a second. With blood draw blood. I’ve heard of some who incite violence in the streets. Our streets are no battlefield, they don’t deserve fire or blood. I hereby renounce their faith. They are to be branded as Heretics, who go against our Lord’s will. To threaten another Christian is a sin most grievous.”

And they burnt. Fire took them and the proud and wrathful vanished from the room.

“I will not let the impure and the weak inherit the Earth. And they shall not sing in the Garden of Genesis. I will send them to the foreverfire and leave them to burn with their sins. Amen.”

And with one clean motion, the heathen cut his throat. In his body, he did not feel rage or regret. Only sadness that he could not embrace this man and show him the love of our Lord. He grasped his cut throat and fell to the ground. Seven angels came from the heavens and held his blood from bleeding out and his flame from going out. The Lord would not let him leave his duties unfinished.

And whilst he lay there. Half dead with only his mind awake. The Lord showed Himself to him. In His presence, he wept and thanked the Lord for His mercy and wisdom. He showed Genesius the path that he was to take and what is to happen if he does not. Those were images that no ordinary man could handle, yet God gave Genesius a mind to withstand anything, even His own concepts. Such was His will and power.

He came to the field of Seven Crosses with six of his own people. The seven sins cover their bodies and they each carry a Cross made of wood, with one sin etched into them. They stood before the people and then before God. The Seven angels placed them on the Crosses as Jesus would have been. God saw the sight of His own son in these Seven and he promised them a seat by His table in Heaven.
Genesius then spoke, as if his throat were whole:
“In the setting sun I saw devastation, but in the Lord, I saw salvation. Through hollow words, I found the Hallowed texts. And with tragedy I found peace. In his ways, God has shown me what was to come. A war of crosses, and he offered me a way to stop it, in his undying mercy and wisdom. By God’s good grace, by the texts that prove our virtues. Only a man willing to accept the Lord is void of Pride. And by God, we shall become our idol and follow in his example. For if God’s only son was wrong, then we are forsaken. And I trust in him and these people trust in him. Amen.”

God seeing the tragedy play out again, called forth one of his servants. The Archangel Michael whispered into the ear of Soldier Jace and instructed him to save Genesius and his people from death, to which he complied and fulfilled the process.

Now all men and women know purity, for the sacrifices made by the Seven, were enough to cleanse all of humanity and bring forth the birth of a new world. In only seven days was Terra Nova created. In Seven days did the Second Genesis occur. Seven people, led by the Holy Trinity and one God alone. Amen.

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