I Canon: All those who practice and have practiced “The Right of the First Night” are to be excommunicated from the Christian faith.

II Canon: Church services are to be provided for free to all people.

III Canon: Alcohol is allowed to be drunk in moderation for men of the faith. Drunkenness, however, is prohibited.

IV Canon: Those who practise servitude in the forms explained and detailed in the Bible are free to do so. Enslavement of Christian men and women is to be punished by death, however.

V Canon: It is the duty of every ruler to have his subjects be of the Christian faith. If they refuse, they are to be hanged.

VI Canon: Anyone who would alter another’s will, shall be put before trial and punished accordingly.

VII Canon: Men and women of the faith are allowed to marry and parent children.

VIII Canon: The Church of England is called to join the rest of Christendom or risk eternal damnation.

IX Canon: No Jew or Muslim is to set an interest above 10% when lending money to a Christian.

X Canon: Bibles can be translated in Rome and in Constantinople, then distributed for transcription to their respective regions.

XI Canon: Women are allowed to progress to the ranks of Cardinal, Master and High Inquisitor.

XII Canon: The Ancient Peace Pact will be revoked, allowing all Christian rulers to declare just and holy war against Muslim Kingdoms.

XIII Canon: Pax Dei will be enacted across Christendom.

XIV Canon: Rulers must have the consent of the Pope before taxing their clergy.

XV Canon: Clergy are not required to show fealty to their lieges. Instead, they are sworn to serve under the Pope himself, although they must still abide by their realm’s laws.

XVI Canon: Clergy will not be able to take part in the process of any trial, without the explicit permission of the Pope.

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