24th October 1085: Today a man approached me, his face hidden behind a mask. He spoke of his holy deeds, how he protects heretics and pagans and leads them to the right path. He told me something about how what I’m doing is wrong, that it is a sin to take a life, and that I should be helping them instead. So, I decided to help him, by burying my hatchet deep into his thick skull. Those who harbor, protect, or sympathize with the heathens shall be burnt along with them. This world holds no place for such people.

17th November 1085: As I’ve said before, being the High Inquisitor of the Sirius Empire attracts a lot of attention, especially from those who don’t see eye to eye with our methods. Tonight, a young girl and presumably her lover, plotted my assassination, which of course, horribly failed. My trustworthy spy, Mirabelle, told me beforehand of their plan. I’ve taken care of the girl, by opening up her head, exposing her brain to her lover, leaving him scarred. I’m yet to deal with him, I’ll most likely crucify him, to show all the people what happens to those who dare rise up against the Inquisition.

5th December 1085: Things have calmed down, so much that even His Holiness congratulated me on keeping the Empire free of heretics and pagans for so long, but there’s much more to be done. From time to time I still come across those who dare to oppose me and the Church, they speak of change, and mercy but none of those filthy pagan sympathizers know the truth of the heathens. Without the Inquisition, they would all fall victim to them, just as my family has. But I won’t allow that to happen again, not while I’m alive and well.

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