Relief and Architecture


Rosewood sits on the Seyne river, which gives it easy access to the City of Alparis and the English Channel. With the establishment of the Kingdom of France, the Seyne’s river network has become of paramount importance for the trade and transport of goods between key settlements in the Kingdom.

Fernyard Fortress sits on Thornhill, which is one of the only three hills within the City, the others being Hauthill, right beneath the Mayorly Palace, and Genshill which runs through the 5th City District and continues to the East into the Rosewood Forest. The rest of the City enjoys a flat elevation, especially the Western part, where the majority of the population resides.

Rosewood is surrounded on its West and East by dense forest, while its North and South are land that has been appropriated for agriculture, the cultivation of both wheat and rye.

Following the Highroad east will lead you to the Rosewood Mines, opened by Lord Mayor Robbert I Fisher. It provides the City with a notable amount of rock, iron, coal, and occasionally silver and gold, as well as the odd crystal.


Across its long history, Rosewood has adopted the architectural traditions of the Romans, Franks, and French, and has merged them into a unique blend. The Rosewoodian style of architecture is specific in its accentuation of natural motifs, specifically floral ones like the Rose flower. While this is lost upon the peasant homes within the Purlieus, storied homes, however, within the Inner City are lined with engravings of thorns, roses, vines, leaves, etc. Emphasis is placed on the use of wood during construction, but the Central Districts are no strangers to stone buildings.

Within the City Proper, there are stone tiles that line the path, giving citizens ease of travel between Rosewood’s many streets and burhs.

Beneath the City, runs a Roman sewer system. During the Imperial Age, Monarchs and Emperors used it as a means of traversing the cityscape, as they provided excellent shortcuts between points. They have fallen into disuse, especially after a collapse around the year 1109 when the Tavern Complex in Northern Rosewood suffered a sinkhole, caused by one of its Innkeepers who was trying to dig into the tunnels underneath the establishment.

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