Reconstructed from several reliable witness accounts

Good men of France! Waver not in the face of adversity! Let not your mind wander and betray you! Banish the thought of defeat or servitude! We have endured enough hardship over the past decades of war and we will not stop. We will not concede at the hour of our greatest triumph. The die is cast good men of France and our fates are now with the Lord. He will not abandon us when we need Him the most.

I call to you good men of France! Raise your arms in allegiance to the Oriflamme of Charlemagne and of Torrino. If not for God or glory, then for your families! For your sons and daughters and the children, they shall sire! We fight for the fields of France, for our ancestors’ homes, for the Churches built in the name of our Saints!

Good men of France, when the battle is won, take your wives to bed and make us sons. Name them after Kings and Saints! Teach them how to swing swords, wield shields, ride horses, and shoot bows. Turn your sons into our soldiers so that we may march our glorious armies across the known world.

Good men of France, you are heirs to Alexander’s army! You are the Legions of Ceaser! Charlemagne’s own! We inherit the might of Rome. Rosewood shall sit as the world’s center. Even though her walls fall, our resolve shall not!

Now go forth, good men of France! Your Emperor is with you, our good Lord is with us! The day is ours! May the river turn red with German blood! Go forth and defend our homes!

Dated 15th of August 1168, right before the German armies storm the breaches in the walls, delivered by Emperor Charles I “the Bold” Sirius from atop the Fernyard Veranda.
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