by Father Genisius

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The Lord made the world as we know it in seven days. And man was cursed with seven mortal sins. Defied by seven virtues. Seven. The number is a hallowed one obviously. I have had dreams of God telling me the future and events that will come to pass. I’ve seen many a thing that I shouldn’t have.

Although coincidence does not exist and the Lord has mapped our every move, it cannot be disputed that my origin was hand crafted by fate. Being born on the 7th of July, the Lord must see some merit within my soul, as to give me such a holy day and month.

Throughout my ventures and many travels and pilgrimages, I have met both men and women, supposedly devoted to our Savior, yet they relish in at least two of the mortal sins. Pride, greed, sloth, wrath, lust, envy and gluttony. They are God’s final test. He has shown me a path to Heaven. It is not an easy one. I saw it as a dream, it was as if I was not there and just watching it unfold, by God’s side.

“And he stepped forth, from the Kingdom of God and he gave unto Johnathan, the gift of knowledge. The gift to surpass all others.”

“He showed him a path, the path to bring him closer and secure a place at the supper table of the Lord and His Son.”

“There he instilled the basic Christian values, along with the seven holy virtues. And from there the voice of the creature spoke:

Seven times has man been cursed, and seven chances has he been given. In seven ways can the world be saved, not six, nor eight, not more nor less. For every drop, a step is taken, and for every step, you trod towards the light. Blood will be the raft to salvation and sin is your sea. Men claim and cry, yet their words are worth only wind, show your sins to others. Only when light is shone upon them, can the darkness be cleansed. Our Savior had done this, and His students after Him. Is it not sin to not follow in the steps of God’s only son?”

“From there, Jonathan wept. In his tears the being saw both regret and penance. He whispered into Johnathan’s ear and turned to light.”

Why has God shown me these things? Who is Johnathan? I only know that a great time is coming and the Genesis Order will be the bridge between old and new. All the hundreds that have been saved couldn’t have been for naught. I know they now reside within the Lord’s halls and sing praise to Him. We shall do the same when the time is right.

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