World Map – 1220
The country within the red circle – the Kingdom of France

The Kingdom of France, pictured above in the red circle, is a Feudal Monarchy, ruled by the Sirius Dynasty, currently by King Torrino III Sirius. The Kingdom is fractured into multiple vassal realms that have sworn fealty to the King of France.

The King of France’s Direct Vassals

  1. The Duchy of Egirth
  2. The Duchy of Deston
  3. The Grand Duchy of Munrich
  4. The County of Champagne
  5. The County of Asturasia
  6. The County of Artois
  7. The Duchy of Normandie
  8. The Duchy of Norman-Dover
  9. The County of Maine
  10. The Duchy of Anjou
  11. The Duchy of Donofall
  12. The Duchy of Orleans
  13. The County of Alsace
  14. The Duchy of Poitou
  15. The Duchy of Bourbon
  16. The County of Jura
  17. The Bishopric of Perie
  18. The County of Limousin
  19. The County of Dafny
  20. The Bishopric of Arles
  21. The County of Savoie
  22. The Duchy of Languedoc
  23. The Duchy of High Provence
  24. The Grand Duchy of Aqvintia
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