In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti,

Father Samuel writing in the name of Sir Sebastian Fisher,

Annual profits have exceeded eighteen hundred buckles.
Taxes paid are close to four hundred and fifty, and one hundred and eighty.

The population of the fief has increased by six infants, two of which have passed, bringing the population of Sir Sebastian’s holding to fifty and four souls.

The harvest has been bountiful and therefore the fief has started the construction of a windmill upon one of its elevated hills. In addition to this, the roads within the peasant’s hamlet have been drawn with rain canals, reducing the longevity of muddy paths during rainy seasons. These improvements are being overseen by a Rosewoodian architect by the name of Leo.

Sir Sebastian has expanded his retinue to twenty men out of the available twenty and three, thus exceeding his feudal obligation to Lord Mayor Francis Winters, bringing the next annual tax down to one-sixth part from the current one-fourth part. The retinue will be fielded with the latest equipment by the year of our Lord 1224. By that time, one more boy is to come of age, potentially further increasing Sir Sebastian’s retinue.

This year’s harvest has provided enough produce for the entirety of the hamlet, as well as the manor’s granary. As the winter months approach, two of the hamlet’s swine will be slaughtered with half of the produce being sold in the Rosewood market, and half being stored at the manor.

A new blacksmith is due to arrive from the Capital, sent officially by Lord Oswald II Fisher, Baron of Leiman Castle who is a day’s journey from Sir Sebastian’s Manor.

As the course of the nearby stream has shifted during the rain earlier this year, a number of feet of land have shifted into the neighboring Knight, Sir Ferdinand Doyle’s, fief. Both men’s liege, the Lord Mayor, will be called upon to settle the dispute. The matter may be escalated to the Parliament, but all involved parties, I am sure, would rather not get them involved. In exchange for the land lost, Sir Sebastian is ready to accept two oxen as compensation from either Sir Ferdinand or Lord Francis.

The year was also marked by the arrival of a nun from Rosewood, Sister Helena, who has taken up residence within St. Frodobert’s church. She has come to spread Catholic ideals to the women of the hamlet and has, so far, been of great help both to the Fishers and to the people who work the land. May God guide her well.

Sir Sebastian will formally request funding for light fortifications around his manor and the hamlet from the City of Rosewood within the year 1222. Recent bandit activity in the area has sparked fears among the commoners, prompting Sir Sebastian to ask for aid.

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