House Sirius

Founder: Torrino I Sirius, Emperor of the Sirius Empire
Current Head: Torrino III Sirius, King of France
Region of Origin: Florence
Ancestral Keep: Blue Mannor
Colors: Red and Yellow
Sigil: The Sun of Charlemagne
Motto:Love and Honor”
Founding Myth: The Sirius Dynasty is a distant, and last-surviving cadet branch of the Carolingian Dynasty. The document confirming this was found within Rosewood, in a collapsed Roman sewer port. Legitimized by Pope Alexander I, Torrino I, who had been a scribe within the Roman Church in Florence, was named Emperor after King Andrey III knelt and swore fealty to him.

House Rodomir

Founder: Andrey I Rodomir, Count of Rosewood Minor
Current Head: Aleksandr, Count of Underwood
Region of Origin: Rascia
Ancestral Keep: Fernyard Fortress
Colors: Red and White
Sigil: Golden Lion with a Crown
Motto:To War We Ride”
Founding Myth: The Rodomir Household comes from a distant Slavic country when the Count of Rosewood at the time was looking for a worthy warrior husband for his sister. Upon arriving from Rascia, Andrey, the unlanded fifth son of a Slavic mercenary, defeated all before him and took the maiden’s hand. The Count passed away only a few years later, and so Andrey inherited his lands, chosen by his vassals.

House Roswalda

Founder: Victoria I Roswalda, Queen of Deston
Current Head: Pier II Roswalda, Duke of Deston
Region of Origin: Low Countries
Ancestral Keep: Blue Keep
Colors: Yellow
Sigil: Thorns
Motto:Buy, Grow, and Sell”
Founding Myth: The Roswalda Dynasty takes its name from the mother of the Founder, Roswalda. It came into being after the King of Deston died, and left no heirs. His wife, Victoria I, took over the Kingdom and invested heavily into its farms, growing small villages and siphoning wealth from the soil into the Capital, Deston.

House Winters

Founder: Wilhelm I Winters, First Prince of the Empire
Current Head: Winston II Winters, Count of Drumstone
Region of Origin: Saxony
Ancestral Keep: Drumstone Castle
Colors: White
Sigil: Black Eagle
Motto:Heed My Words”
Founding Myth: The Winters are a cadet branch of a mightier Germanic Dynasty from Saxony. At some point, the unlanded sons of the House began to move to Rosewood in search of opportunity. The mightiest among them managed to secure a Barony through war. Decades later, their descendant, Wilhelm Winters became the Mayor of Rosewood and reestablished his Household.

House Fisher

Founder: Oswald II Fisher, Baron of Leiman Castle
Current Head: Robbert VIII Fisher, Baron of Fisher Fort
Region of Origin: Normandie
Ancestral Keep: Leiman Castle & Riverhall & Fort Fisher
Colors: Dark Green
Sigil: Fish
Motto:Do Your Duty”
Founding Myth: The Fishers came to Rosewood long ago. But even before that, they were simple fishermen on the banks of the English Channel. Eventually, Oswald, the second son of Robbert, caught a green fish from a river. It foretold he would found a dynasty of Kings if he let it go. Within a year, he had married a noblewoman and become the Lord of Leiman Castle in Normandie.

House de Chatersberg

Founder: Charles III de Chatersberg, Baron of Luxor Château
Current Head: Maximillian II de Chatersberg, Duke of Chatersberg
Region of Origin: Sussex
Ancestral Keep: Luxor Château
Colors: Black and Dark Blue
Sigil: Golden Fleur-de-Lis
Founding Myth: The Chatersbergs take their name from the settlement of Chatersberg which they founded upon the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Normandy. Charles III lead the invasion and was subsequently awarded a large stretch of land which the family has held for centuries. They soon abandoned their old name and took on a Frankish identity. Legends say they are a cadet breach of the Cedric Dynasty, giving them a claim to the English throne.

House Wisser

Founder: Albert I Wisser, King of Munrich
Current Head: Jean-Albert I Wisser, Duke of Munrich
Region of Origin: Egirth
Ancestral Keep: Fairweather Fortress
Colors: White and Dark Blue
Sigil: Blue Fleur-de-Lis
Motto:Right Through Blood”
Founding Myth: At the time, Lord Albert I, a simple lord from Egirth played a huge part in the war of Munrichian Succession and was granted the throne by Emperor Torrino I. His family was insignificant, but thanks to his wit and devotion to God, Albert I managed to secure key friendships that landed him in powerful circles. In order to further legitimize his claim, he took on the family name of the ancient royal family of Munrich.

House Ronson

Founder: Ron
Current Head: Willson III, Baron of Snowsend Castle
Region of Origin: Egirth
Ancestral Keep: Snowsend Castle
Colors: Yellow and Green
Sigil: Sword
Motto:Honor, Pride, Power”
Founding Myth: The Ronsons are an ancient family and have always been in positions of power, in one way or another. It’s said their family came about after a warrior picked up a sword from a battle he fought during the age of Charlemagne and slew a hundred men with it. For that, he was granted a Kingdom in Frankia.

House Medici

Founder: Aveardo de’ Medici, Knight to Charlemagne
Current Head: Lorenzo de’ Medici, Duke in Tuscany
Region of Origin: Tuscany
Ancestral Keep: Palazzo Medici
Colors: Yellow and Red
Sigil: Red Balls
Motto:Make Haste Slowly”
Founding Myth: The Medici trace their ancestry back to the age of Charlemagne when their ancestor slew a giant for the Emperor, and was thus awarded the giant’s shield. He then took the shield as his sigil and claimed the land of modern Tuscany as his own.

House Dunwill

Founder: Francis Dunwill, Chancellor
Current Head: Harold Dunwill, Tavern Foreman
Region of Origin: Alparis
Ancestral Keep: The Dunwill Residence
Colors: Red
Sigil: A head facing right
Founding Myth: The Dunwills are said to be descendants of an aristocratic family from Paris before it was sacked. Allegedly, their founder made a deal with an earl where he would advise the Northman in exchange for his life and safety. So good was he that the earl spared his belongings and his family in exchange for his valuable counsel.

House Avigne

Founder: Oliver Avigne, Explorer
Current Head: Francis Avigne, Bath Foreman
Region of Origin: Low Countries
Ancestral Keep: Avigne Manor
Colors: Orange
Sigil: A compass
Motto:Let Us Not Dally”
Founding Myth: According to myth, the Avigne hail from around Holland. Their founder, Oliver, is said to have sailed the English Channel in search of a new home after being ousted from his native land. Eventually, he came upon the coasts of Normandie and made his way to Rosewood where he won a tournament and earned enough coin to start his enterprise. The Avigne have since then had a finger in every pie in Rosewood.

House Midas

Founder: Alejandro Villanova “Midas”, Butcher
Current Head: Sebastian Midas, Coinmaster
Region of Origin: Castile
Ancestral Keep: The Midas Residence
Colors: Light Green and Yellow
Sigil: A bull and an olive branch
Motto:Only God Before Kin”
Founding Myth: The Midas family had left their homeland is search of solace and opportunity. One wealthy butcher named Alejandro only got richer, exploiting the prosperous economy within Rosewood. Hardship and death had not left him and his family. He would wallow in his river of Gold that he planned to keep for his offspring, waiting for his eventual passing. One day, as he was butchering a cow, something would call out. Miraculously, a calf emerged from the carcass, barely alive, once touched by the man would turn to Gold. He would find his calling in ever more expanding his wealth for the sake of his family. It is said that some of his wealth is still uncovered, kept away ready to reveal itself to a descendant of his in dire need.

House Emril

Founder: Argonon var Emril, Lord Marshal
Current Head: Estienne II Emril, Baron of Possie Castle
Region of Origin: Frankia
Ancestral Keep: Possie Castle
Colors: Blue
Sigil: A crown and a sword
Motto:Once More”
Founding Myth: The Emrils are the main branch of the var Emril family which started with Argonon var Emril. The story of the founding tells us of Argonon’s friendship with powerful figures within Rosewood like Sir Sesh or Overseer Jace. Eventually, after gaining the Emperor’s favor, he was named Lord Marshal. He served Rosewood and his Emperor well. His house was vital to the Sirius efforts in the Fifty Years’ War.

House Houblon

Founder: Landry Houblon, Merchant
Current Head: Timothee Houblon, Brewbaron of the Rosewood Brewery
Region of Origin: Aqvintia
Ancestral Keep: The Houblon Manor
Colors: Green
Sigil: A black chevron over a white background with a superimposed symbol of a single hop flower.
Motto:Who Dares, Wins”
Founding Myth: The Houblons are a family of rich merchants that only increased their wealth by importing hops from the south of France and adding it to their beers which they marketed as direct competition to St. Victor’s brewery. Since the Houblons could provide hops at half the price, they drove the Church into financial ruin, forcing the Archbishop to sell St. Victor’s Brewery in around 1200, thus renaming it into “the Rosewood Brewery”, with Timothee as its Brewbaron, the son of Landry.

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