Otherwise known as the Alfredian heresy

The Church of England, as it is known to us is a heretic branch of the Christian Church from Rome. From what we know, the Church was formed around 950 in the territory near London. The Archbishop at the time, Father Charles “the Bald”, published theological works, in which among other things he claimed that the King of England, Alfred, son of Edward, to be the reincarnation of Christ. Their belief is very state-centered, with them believing that the English Crown to be a holy relict and that “He who wears it, wears the fate of Man”.

In their eyes, the Pope is indeed fallible, since he is not the descendant of Alfred’s bloodline. They retain the clerical hierarchy of the Roman Church, naming Bishops, Chaplains, and an Archbishop, however, it is done by the King himself, who is presented as the highest moral, clerical and noble authority in their culture. They have sewn the Church so deeply onto the Crown, that there is practically no difference.

In their texts, which are written in Runic Anglo-Saxon, they describe the event we know as the Day of Judgment, only it is different from what we are lead to believe. They say that

“a Son of Alfred will ride on his white steed, along with three riders. They will ride across the Channel and into Europe, claiming all the land as God’s own. Every man, woman and child will perish and God will have reign over the Earth once more.”

Local folklore from Essex

Otherwise, they claim that if the bloodline of Alfred were to die out, the world itself would end with it.
“The Children of Ælfrēd” as they are known, are on order of priests within their Church, who can attain the status of Archbishop. They are not chosen by knowledge, but rather by birth, as they all claim descendence from Alfred himself. If you are not born for the clergy, you cannot become part of it.

No more people can claim to be directly related to Alfred’s noble house, the House of Cerdic. At the present time, there are only side branches of the family who claim the “Holy Crown of England” as their birthright. The strongest of the “Holy English Houses” are Alfredsson, York, Runter, and Londale.
They have a holy knight order similar to the Knights Divine, known as the Order of St. George. Their banner is a golden cross with a red outline. Currently, there is no King of England.

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