by Christopher Sprinin, Master of Theology in Rosewood

Let all bear witness to the grand opening of the University of Rosewood. The first among its kind, a beacon of hope for the future of the Empire and beyond. Through the generous patronage of the Esteemed and most Gracious Duke of Upper Rosewood, His Grace, Wilhelm Winter, known throughout the land as “the Great” and “the Exalted”, the Empire, nay, all of Europe has moved a step closer towards a state of higher education. With the ideals of nobility and piety, the University shall have its doors open to all who are worthy of the pursuit of higher knowledge. Let it be henceforth known of the organization of the Studia Generalia.

1. By the masters of the Studia Generalia, one shall be chosen to serve as the First among Equals in running the University. He shall be named in a vote of peers and shall assume the position once the late Grandmaster passes away.

2. His duties shall be to secure funds from both the Church and the Crown in order to fund the upkeep and further development of the school.
He must represent the school in the most prestigious way for all the reigning monarchs and clerics who which to learn more about its function.
As does the University of Bologna do, the Grandmaster will have the final say on who will have the right to teach, the license to pass on their knowledge.

3. The successful study of one of the Seven Liberal Arts or one of the Primary Arts will grant a person the title of “Master”

4. Only Masters can apply for a teaching license.

5. To become a Master, one must be sufficient enough for his teacher to name him Master. In no other way shall one reach the title. Not through money or by blood. Knowledge cannot be bought, it must be earned.

6. The University recognizes the importance of the Liberal Arts and categorizes them as the following:


7. The University recognizes the importance of the Primary Arts and categorizes them as the following:


8. Masters of the Liberal and Primary Arts earn themselves the title of Master once they have shown an adequate understanding of all their respective disciplines, but also a specific talent for one or more. Those who are able to master all the Arts are given the title of “Aureum Discipulus”.

9. One cannot become a Master before they complete a course of six years.

10. Only those of age can become students. Children are not ready to learn any of the Arts as they cannot comprehend them.

11. Only those of native noble blood or men and women of the Faith can become students.

12. Foreigners, lowborn, and those of other faiths must pay a Tax per year in order to be taught. Otherwise, they are barred from entry.

13. The University is recognized by the Roman Church and the Pope himself, as such all that teach under it, help in its operation, and those who are disciples are granted the protection of the Holy See.

14. Masters and Disciples are granted citizenship by the University.

15. Masters and Disciples are not subject to earthly law, instead only an ecclesiastical council can find them guilty or innocent of an accused crime.

16. If someone were to lay harm to a Disciple or Master, they are to be punished by death.

17. Pregnant women cannot become disciples and those who become with child will be removed from the University and barred from reentry.

18. All disciples must take an oath of devotion to knowledge, which includes the expulsion of sex, drink, fighting, and gambling from their everyday lives, while they are under the protection of the University.

         Thus it will be. The Sirius intellectual elite have formed the Scholar’s Guild and have assumed the administration of its University by both the Grace of the Emperor Torrino I and by God. Heed these words.

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