I Canon: Rome recognizes the legal formation of Abbies within legal Christian Realms and excludes them from the secular law of their respective realms.

II Canon: Bishops now must abide only by their King’s law, not the Papal Authority in Rome.

III Canon: Under Church Law, no one is to occupy and hold Free Cities.

IV Canon: Rulers who deny the Pax Dei will be warned up to three times by their Bishop. If they ignore his pleas, they will be excommunicated.

V Canon: Members of the faith are to avoid drinking in public.

VI Canon: Anyone caught to be making, selling, reading, or holding a translated version of the Holy Bible is to be put to death for blasphemy.

VII Canon: Those found to be counterfeiting money are to be denied communion.

VIII Canon: The robbers of pilgrims are to be put to death.

IX Canon: Men and women in the Service of God are not allowed to marry or sire children.

X Canon: Rulers are advised to seek clerical council while deciding the fate of a criminal.

XI Canon: Women are denied entry into the diocesan clergy, excluding some cities.

XII Canon: The sale of Indulgencies is to be punished by death.

XIII Canon: Christian witnesses are to be believed over Jewish or Muslim ones.

XIV Canon: The practice of Branding is outlawed and punishable by death.

XV Canon: The rulers of realms are allowed to seek judgment upon members of the clergy if they have broken their secular laws.

XVI Canon: The Greek Orthodox are called to reunite with the Roman Church.

XVII Canon: Clerics are forbidden from taking part in Trial by Combat.

XVIII Canon: Those found to be avoiding Tithes by using Jews will be put to death. Additionally, Tithes take precedence over all other taxes.

XIX Canon: Jews and Muslims must wear identifying clothing in order to prevent marriage by ignorance. Those found to be avoiding this duty will be exiled.

XX Canon: All Christians are called to take part in the Fourth Crusade.

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