Frequently asked questions about Medieval Discord:

What kind of server is this?

MD is a realistic, character-creation based medieval role-play server.

What is Project: V.E.A. (or just VEA)?

It’s the biggest set of updates that will exponentially improve Medieval Discord turning it from just an RP server to a text-based RPG. More info on the dedicated page for VEA.

What’s the community like?

The server has an active user base with over 700 members. The majority of active people is incredibly welcoming and open to new people.

Is staff active?

Medieval Discord maintains a constant staff count which helps run the server and introduce it to new members

How often do you update the server?

The server is updated regularly with bug fixes. In the past we’ve had 2 large updates
per year but now, for the entirety of 2020 we’ve been working on one single set of updates titled VEA. More info here.

Is the world immersive?

The world is set in early Medieval Europe with an alternate history twist to make things more user-friendly. You can find all our lore here.

How much of the server is automated?

The server has its own custom bot which handles most RP-related commands. Besides that, MD uses a plethora of other Discord bots for automating as much as possible.

What can I role-play as?

You can role-play as anything from a lowly farmer to a rich merchant. From a devoted soldier to a pious priest. Certified members (active and longtime roleplayers) can even roleplay as Nobility.

Is there an inventory system?

MD has bots in the server which provide the players with a inventory and economy system in order to provide maximum immersion.

Can I be whoever I want?

Your name, gender, religion, background, and backstory are all up to you, if they roughly fit the time period.

Who made the server?

The server was made by Torrino#9527, DudeDoesEverything#9938 and Fuzzzball#5604, otherwise known as the Creators.